Breathing Fear

The last few years we saw a resurgence of the horror genre thanks to already cult classics like Outlast and Amnesia. One would think that a horror game is best played in first-person. But the sinister vibe also lends itself to the pixel animated games like Lone Survivor. Breathing Fear is here to give us a smaller budget horror experience that we’ll have a hard time sleeping over.

Do you want to stay sane and solve the cursed mysteries? Get started in a scary, non-linear survival-adventure game. Why are you in this abandoned house in the woods? Is it fate? The only thing you are sure of is that strange things need to be resolved – letters, objects, recordings, disturbing paranormal events … They are driving you crazy, but you need to keep a clear mind and unravel these mysteries. Speaking of light, make sure it doesn’t go out, your heart may not manage it…

Here is a very interesting title which has a meticulously designed story, with visual pixel art, accompanied by music and a very successful atmosphere – considering the price party for the visuals of the game. The story basically is that you are a runaway prisoner and you come across this abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. You then embark on the discovery of the mystery of this house. Your biggest enemy is your mind, your heart rate and the batteries in your flashlight.

This game is a nice and pleasant surprise, although a full playthourgh won’t take days to complete. With a price under €/$5, this makes it a safe buy for fans of more atypical games – the game really has lots of great, interesting ideas. The best with this game is to know as little as possible and to experience everything as you progress further in the house.

Breathing Fear is a short but interesting horror experience that keeps you anxious all the way through.


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