Biolab Wars

Inspired by the 8-bit games of the arcades and the movies of the 80’s, your goal will be to blow things up, defeat aliens and fight odd bosses. In this 2D classic action platform game will delight nostalgic fans of the genre. The story of the game is obviously unoriginal, but epic at the same time.

An extraterrestrial lab is doing experiments on Earth … It’s time to call the mercenary service team to sweep the invaders by shooting, beating and bombarding everything that moves.

The game offers you three starting characters: Finn, bodybuilder, former Marine, former cook and former TV technician. Becca, the deadliest and hardest girl on the planet. And Teddy, the armored dog, who was the subject of experiments in this extraterrestrial laboratory and now wants revenge.

The classic 2D platform mechanics is a type of gameplay that has been proven over time. Biolab Wars is almost flawless on this point, but strangely the jump and shoot button has been reversed here, and it took us a while to adapt to this – an option to configure the keys would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, in general, the game is perfectly balanced gameplay wise. But the jumping can feel a little off sometimes, although this hardly takes away the fun of the game.

The graphics and the 8-bit soundtrack are perfectly implemented. As said earlier, fans of this genre have not to fear with a price point under $/€5. For others, it’s definitely a matter of taste. The game is relatively short – 7 chapters with 3 levels each, it’s not bad, but we must take into account that the title is not very difficult compared to games like Contra or Metal Slug – but, here too, boss fights can become epic and several vehicles are at your disposal during certain levels.

Biolab Wars is a quick a nice taste of the classic 2D shooters of the 80’s and at a low price point an easy pick up for fans or people interested in the genre.


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