Best Buy’s internal system leaks Persona 5 Switch

Ever since Joker was announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, fans of the Persona series have wildly speculated about the posibility of Persona 5 coming to Nintendo Switch. This speculation only increased after Atlus announced Persona 5 R and Persona 5 S who will get full reveals on the 25th of April.

Yet, the cat (Morgana?) is out of the bag. The internal system at Best Buy has leaked info on Persona 5 Switch and Reddit user Groo0731 shared a few pictures of the update they got on Persona 5 Switch. After which Twitter user Wario64 backed the claims saying that it is real. It seems like Nintendo will be publishing the game, which isn’t unheard of as they will also publish Dragon Quest overseas.

We just have to wait now untill we can confirm that this version of Persona 5 is either the regular version for PS4 or the earlier announced Persona 5 Royal which will include a new female character.

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