Beast Quest

Before being a video game, Beast Quest was a book series for children and also came to famous flash sites like miniclip before being released to consoles last year. Now the game, which is based on four of the six books released in 2007, also came over to the Nintendo Switch and we are here to try it out for you.

The story revolves around Tom, whose father was a legendary Beast Master and has disappeared without a trace. A good-natured wizard comes to Tom one day to recruit him as a new hero. The four epic monsters (dragon, giant, snow monster and phoenix) have been enchanted by an evil wizard and pose a threat to the world. Tom is only a child, but does become a knight and goes on Beast Quest.

Beast Quest was previously a mobile game and has now been considerably adapted and ported first for the Xbox One and PS4 and now also for the Switch. However, this transfer has apparently not been very successful. The game looks largely ugly. A few villages still look reasonable and the exposure continues, but the rest are far below levels. The resolution is low, textures are simple and often repeat, characters are ugly (especially the hairs) and look very similar and the environments are cliché and not unique. All this cannot prevent the game from occasionally slowing down even while being docked. The art of the game seems to get worse as you progress through the game. It is no exception if trees or rocks float in the air or are half placed together.

Musically the game is not superb. The music fits well with a fantasy adventure game, but is somewhat mixed into the background. Sound effects are simple and the voices are terrible. Where did Maximum Games collect these voice actors? Even the main character sounds terrible. Sometimes voices are mixed up and villagers have no audio. Tom’s exclamations after fighting are also very repetitive. He even calls spiders “insect creatures,” which of course is incorrect.

Despite all this, I went on an adventure and I finished the game in a sloppy eight hours. The game is extremely easy and therefore a lot more suitable for children than for adults. You will not get any real challenge. The start of the game is the hardest part, as soon as you can upgrade your skills, you effectively become invincible, as I never died.

Beast Quest works as follows: there is a somewhat open world that is more like a snake through the landscape. This takes you over grasslands, through forests, through ice landscapes, through the mountains and over a volcano. Few creative environments, just like the aforementioned bosses. In between you come across a number of often repeating opponents. You fight this in special battle scenes. Here you can side step (almost never necessary), you can attack with light and heavy attacks and you can block or dive away. Later you can also use special magical skills and you can summon allies. The latter is in fact a kind of instant kill. This combat mechanism is nice in itself, but due to the very low level of difficulty and slow-acting control, it is not out of the paint. A bizarre detail was that at the end of the game, my allies had lost Tom at a mountain crash. They still shouted that I will only have to beat the boss. Once at the phoenix, however, it turned out that I could just call my allies and she was defeated at once.

Villagers ask Tom for all kinds of favors. These simple quests can be combined perfectly with the main story and add some variety and often the game has a comic undertone. For example, you have to bring a stone that someone keeps as a pet to all tourist sites. Many of the missions can be found using a crumb trail, but it is certainly not always reliable and sometimes points to a wall which you can’t pass. On the last missions the track is even completely eliminated and you have to search yourself. The environments are confusing, making it often quite a puzzle to find the right monsters and objects. It does not help that there are regular platform pieces and Tom jumps as if he is walking around on the moon. Worse, there is a considerable delay between pressing the jump button and the actual jump. I have fallen into abysses countless times, resulting in a tiny bit of damage. Yet it is strange that the game sometimes simply puts you above the hole again if you fall down.

Beast Quest must be a terrible game if you read all this. Strangely enough, this is not the case. I find the game quite entertaining. It took no effort at all to keep playing for a few hours in a row. So there is quite a bit of fun to be found in the game. I think this is even more the case if your Beast Quest is your first adventure game and you are about ten years old. However, I think that in the current time, children also prefer to play one of the big names in the game world than to get started with a somewhat moderate RPG.

Being quite a moderate RPG and a simplistic port, Beast Quest is a hard to pick game with so many AAA adventure RPG’s already out there.


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