Star Renegades announced for Switch

Developer Massive Damage Inc. has announced that their game Star Renegades is coming to Switch. The game currently has no specific release date yet, although they aim for an early 2020 release. The game is a squad-based rogue-lite strategy RPG with a procedurally generated and emergent mission-based campaign. You can find a teaser trailer and […]


Shakedown: Hawaii review

A few years ago, both indie developer VBlank Entertainment and Brian Provinciano launched a succesfull Grand Theft Auto parody that struck gold with the players due to having fun !-bit style gameplay and a ton of 80’s references, exciting action and a great soundtrack. Now both developers return with a long awaited sequel set in […]


Puyo Puyo Champions review

The Puyo Puyo franchise has long since been popular overseas in Japan, but it has never quite had a big following here in the West. That however changed quite a bit with the Puyo Puyo Tetris game that was released two years ago on the Switch. Puyo Puyo combined with Tetris helped to introduce this […]


Crashbots review

When you think of the auto-runner genre, you usually think of the mobile market and free to play games that want you to pay up to get more energy or unlock more levels. Sometimes they do tend to come over to consoles as well and in that sense Crashbots arrived on the Nintendo Switch at […]