La Mulana is a series of games where you will have to die constantly to be able to see the end of these two very very difficult titles. You play, in both games, an archaeologist man in the first and woman in the second. You could think of this as an Indiana Jones adventure gone very […]


Langrisser I & II

The turn-based strategy genre has been quite popular on the Switch thanks to great games like Wargroove, Disgaea and the new Fire Emblem, so much so that other companies are looking to bring a few more strategy games to Nintendo’s console hybrid. This week it is time for Langrisser I and II to come back […]


One Finger Death Punch 2

Do you remember when you were young, at school and totally bored? Did you also make up fighting scenes with your pencils, crayons or even made up stick men? Well then it’s time to relive your childhood as one Finger Death Punch just arrived on the switch, bringing the insane two-button action title to Nintendo’s […]


Two Point Hospital

Simulation games are slowly starting to come over to the Switch in all sizes and forms. And Although we still have to receive the behemoth that is ‘The Sims’, we already have plenty of superb sim games for us to enjoy long and happy game sessions with. One new game that has just arrived is […]


Ibb & Obb

Ever since the Switch launched with its left and right joy cons Nintendo made it perfectly clear that it was a machine made for multiplayer games. Since then plenty have launched on the eShop, yet not that many have been truly great and a must-buy. Now that may change with a game that has been […]


Bucket Knight

The eShop is an incredible platform for indies to showcase their games on. Some are even better, last longer and are more fun then the AAA games that bigger publishers tend to release. However an indie game with a lower budget can also be on the short side. And Bucket Knight is one of those […]


Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

Eighteen months ago, Koei Tecmo released the 4th offspring of the Warriors Orochi series in the West. Many fans can already imagine how this game plays and it is therefore not surprising that just like its predecessors, this game will also have an extra game in the form of an Ultimate edition, but how ultimate […]


Belgian Game Awards 2020

During 1UP, there was also an award show to commemorate the best games, developers or people in our Belgian gaming industry. This award show was held for the fifth time this year. Presenter Soe Nsuki announced the winners and the big winner of the evening was the game Brukel, a one man project by developer […]