Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & Secret Fairy

One of the most successful titles in the Atelier series quickly got a decent sequel. Three years after the events described in the Atelier Ryza , Reisalin Stout left her home island of Kurken to travel to the capital of the kingdom. Here, not only matured friends, but also new secrets, amazing discoveries and charming magic of alchemy await her. In addition to a modest luggage of a pair of knives and spoons, cutie Ryza took with her a mysterious artifact that looks like an egg, which is directly related to the ruins of a forgotten civilization. It is the research of these abandoned buildings that you will be engaged in most of the playing time.

Studio Gust tries to make changes to the gameplay of each new part of Atelier, and Atelier Ryza 2 was no exception. First of all, the combat system and the principles of conducting a duel were adjusted. Battles here are performed in RTB format – that is, battles take place in turn-based format, but in real time, where the sequence of the move is determined by the characteristics of the heroes and the monster. As before, you can line up allies on the battlefield and switch freely between them during fights, but now you need to accumulate action points to deliver powerful attacks with abilities. You can get them through regular attacks on the enemy and timely defense during a counterattack. These points also affect the use of items in battle. And often you have to choose between a special attack or using an item.

Items, as in the previous parts, are endless – having equipped one bomb, you can use it constantly. In addition, if you have enough experience points, then you can use several skills at once and combine them for a combo with the abilities of your partners. Whether to save strength or strike now is up to you, based on the specific situation. So the battles in Ryza 2 took on a tactical effect. Monsters still vary in level, class and color, but legendary monsters can also be found in special places on the map. In addition, when using a successful attack, you can get a rare item from a defeated enemy.

The global map with fast movement points, the collection of resources and stores with various goods remained unchanged, but the approach to research has changed. In the last part, the developers have already suggested creating tools for collecting stones, crystals, fish and grain. In Atelier Ryza 2, you can also make sickles, fishing rods and hammers, but there are also new things, among which, for example, a rope that allows you to overcome stone breaks in special parts of the map. Risa also learned to crawl over vines and swim, including underwater, which makes the process of studying a large map more fun. A special compass has also been added, which allows you to find ghosts and memories in the ruins, in order to reveal another key to the mystery of the disappearance of their creators in a mini-game. 

In city life, everything remained unchanged. The bulletin board is full of tasks to collect resources or destroy monsters in exchange for money. The random events and encounters needed to progress the main storyline are scattered throughout the capital. Fortunately, you can move around instantly. The collection basket quickly fills up, so you have to keep returning to the atelier as before. Thanks for saving teleportation time.

The alchemical system has undergone changes. Previously, you had to buy recipe books or perform some strange actions in order for Ryza to have a new idea in her head, but now the developers offer a map of available things that can be unlocked in exchange for experience points. You can complete special tasks or cook the same items, earning SP, but you still have to open the map to advance through the story. Alchemy itself offers complex mechanics with catalysts, boosters and additional improvements, but at the same time provides the ability to brew items in an automatic mode. You just choose what quality item you need at the output, and Ryza produces it herself. This removes a lot of the problems that newcomers to the series have had to face in the past.

In terms of graphics, Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy seems pretty dated. The central characters are executed well, but the environment is already noticeably inferior to the projects of competitors. At the same time, the eye can see the difference between staged scenes and real gameplay in large spaces, where detail is noticeably sagging. Traditionally, with music, it serves as an emotional background that does not interfere with immersion in a well-written plot. 

Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy is a worthy sequel to the first installment with new characters and an interesting storyline that makes the game more accessible to beginners. It remains for the authors to tighten the schedule so that the series can rise to a higher echelon.


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