Another Sight review

Producing a great movie isn’t always easy. You need to captivate your audience with immersion, interesting characters and a plot that can surprise you. With video games it is the same thing, and this time the elements to create an indie of those to remember, the very Italian production company Lunar Great Wall Studios had all shown them to us. It is for this reason that their latest work, Another Sight, had caught our attention: a story-based adventure, full of puzzles to complete thanks to the interaction of the two main characters, who promised to excite and, above all, to send a strong message about blindness, in an original and different way from the most banal clichés. Yet, faced with the final version of Another Sight it must be admitted that all these ingredients have not been amalgamated in the most appropriate way.

Another Sight is a 2.5D platform / puzzle game in which you gain control of two characters: Kit and Hodge. Kit is a young lady who one day meets the mysterious cat Hodge. While the girl goes after the cat, she falls into a hole in the ground. The fall from a great height makes her blind, but she can still distinguish objects that make noise. Kit also ended up in a completely different world and with the help of Hodge she tries to find her way back to her house. That is of course, easier said than done.

There are already plenty of 2D games on the eShop, but Another Sight offers some more debt in it being a 2.5D game, that and the fact that your main character is blind makes for an interesting sort of gameplay. If you play as Hodge, then you see everything fine, but if you play as Kit, it is mainly dark. Objects that make a noise are, incidentally, highlighted. The cat can help the young lady by meowing, because that sound lights up the environment where the four-legged friend is. This can, for example, help you to jump over gaps. This principle is fun and gives the game its own identity.

The puzzles you will encounter in Another Sight are very simple in the beginning. It is often finding out how switches work and what goes back and forth and you can continue. The level of difficulty is gradually increased, but unfortunately it keeps on being fairly simple for the remainder of the game. This could have all been a little more challenging, the hardest part of the game could actually be the jumping parts. It all works, but jumping is a bit awkward. As a result, you cannot determine exactly where you want to jump. This sometimes causes your character to fall into the deep and you have to start over and that can cause some frustration.

The developer has tried to divide the puzzle and platform sections so that the player ends up in a sense of rhythm. But we think it would have been more fun if we actually didn’t know what we would need to do once one puzzle or a jumping section is behind us. The story itself is pretty nice and the good voice acting of Kit will keep you involved in the game. Another Sight also seems to swallow you up, which is great! But this is regularly canceled out by scenes that totally do not match what you are doing. This causes the rhythm of the game to be confused, with the result that Another Sight feels as if it consists more of loose pieces than of one complete adventure. It’s not all bad, but it does regularly get you out of the experience. It is therefore not a game that encourages you to reach the end in one session.

In terms of graphics, the game also has its strengths and weaknesses. The environments you end up in are generally very interesting, but the way they are displayed is sometimes a bit simple or even impressive. Furthermore, objects that you can manipulate are sometimes difficult to see when you play as a Kit. These light up, but the colors used in the rest of the environment are often comparable. Because of this you walk past an object that you need to move. And those are things that could have been better.

The idea behind Another Sight is fine, but the implementation unfortunately leaves much to be desired. The game offers something different than other games in the 2.5D genre, but does not use it to its full extend. This is due to various reasons. The rhythm of the game is often disturbed and Another Sight builds up the difficulty of the puzzles in a slow way. The graphics are impressive at one moment and simple at the other. Jumping is also a bit rough and that can make the game frustrating. Now Another Sight is not a bad game, but it is clear that there was much more to it. Hopefully some of the issues can be patched in in the future.

Another Sight is an impressive take on the 2.5D genre, but sometimes falls flat on its face due to the simplicity and lackluster jumping mechanics.


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