Alien Isolation

People who like to be horrified by their game console have not had a particularly good choice of frightening experiences this generation. In addition to the new Resident Evil parts and an ambitious attempt like Blair Witch, the horror genre has remained fairly snowed in lately. Fortunately, quality trumps away and we have been able to welcome a few toppers in the small range that still make our neck hair stand up. Alien: Isolation is the textbook example of this, and let that be the horror game that makes the switch to the Nintendo Switch.

Alien: Isolation came out on the other game consoles and the PC a few years ago, and then managed to terrorize every gamer who dared to try it. An intelligent alien, a chilly atmosphere, beautiful graphics and excellent sound made for a frightening experience that you would not soon forget. Offcourse with the Nintendo Switch comes less power, but the main task of this port is to transfer the experience equally intensively to the portable home console from Nintendo. Fortunately I can say that the developer has succeeded in this.

In a world where many developers quickly port their game to the Switch, it is remarkable to see a port of this quality. Graphically the game looks excellent on the Nintendo Switch, and that in 1080p. Frame drops are barely detectable and also in terms of bugs and glitches, there is hardly anything to criticize on this port. There is even gyro aiming added, if you are a fan of this and want to be able to control the game like this. I preferred the classic controls myself, since you can start doing stupid things with the gyro sensors on due to panic.

In terms of content, you get what you hope from Alien: Isolation: a chilling game that puts you in the role of the victim and gives you the task of sneaking around the alien in a gigantic spaceship. A slow start and a long-winded end take the pace a bit out of the game, but for the rest the entire campaign is an intense rollercoaster where the tension never lets go. The unpredictability of the alien makes the game almost as fun to replay for a second or third time, since you never really know when to expect it. Your motion tracker is your best friend.

As icing on the cake in this edition you also get all the dlc for a reduced price tag! Expansions that almost double the already long playing time of the game. That and the amazing technical performance for the Switch makes this a port that I fully recommend to anyone with a little love for the survival-horror genre or the Alien franchise.

Alien: Isolation is an excellent port on the Nintendo Switch, which should not be inferior in any way to its big brothers. Not only a bundle of all content for a lower price tag, but also an excellent optimized port that hides the weaknesses of the Nintendo Switch and makes optimum use of the functionalities.

Alien Isolation is one of the best horror experiences you can find on Nintendo Switch.


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