Aggelos review

Now when you look at indie games, you can see that some elements are fairly popular among the developers. One of which is the art style that is often reminiscent of the early 90’s where 16-bit games reigned supreme. That is not to say that it is a bit thing that games often look straight back of 20 years ago. But if you want to build a great game with this visual style you need to be sure that the game stands its own against all the classics and new games, and luckily for Aggelos, it has its fair share of fun moments to keep it interesting for the player.

Aggelos is as true to the 16-bit era as can be. You have the visual style that is perfectly placed in that age, you have chiptune music playing in the background that is an easy beat for the ears and you have a simple UI that basicly just let’s you start the game and has some basic options to change. Top that off with a classic tale of a prophecy that must vanquish a great evil and save a princess and you know where you’ve heard that before. At the core Aggelos is a Metroidvania. This means you go through the map until you reach an area that you can’t access, and then you’re meant to find a power-up to help you access it.

Being a Metroidvania and based on very old games. Aggelos sometimes show it’s faults as wel. The game doesn’t have a decent map, just an overworld that shows vague area’s of the world, so knowing where to go weither it is up, down, right, left isn’t always that easy. Aggelos isn’t a huge game, but it almost made me feel I had to make a map manually.

Now if this really is a bad thing is up to you. We had a hard time figuring out where to go again from time to time, but it wasn’t impossibly difficult that it frustrated us heavily. Aggelos isn’t actually bad, it is a sprawling adventure that show of many different themes of levels in an almost 9 hour game.

Just like the levels the enemies also have a very nice feel to them. They evolve naturally as you progress through the game and they have some cartoonish vibe around them. They are also very distinct from one another, yet they feel oh so natural for a 90’s based game that Aggelos tries to be.

Although Aggelos seems like a basic action side-scroller, the game does have some small RPG elements baked inside of it. As you progres through the game you can actually level up, yet that doesn’t really do that much and the best thing you can do is just to buy or find new items or weapons to use. The game also feels like a normal game, meaning it is not to easy or to hard, the developers stroke gold with the difficulty here. In general you can be certain that you find the perfect example of how good games were made all those years ago and that is perfect for both newcomers and older gamers who knew that era of gaming.

Aggelos takes you on a trip back to the 90’s when a different era of gaming reigned supreme. This Metroidvania action adventure takes all the best examples of that decade and blends it all together to make the perfect game for fans of the classic 2D worlds of yesteryear.


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