A Hat In Time

A Hat in Time was yet another succesfull Kickstarter from a few years back that saw a release on pc with good reviews. Now like many others the game is coming over to Nintendo Switch together with its DLC pack ‘Seal the Deal’ and boy is it a good time!

In A Hat in Time you take on the role of a little girl with a purple hat. The girl tries to return to her home world with a spaceship. But during the trip she passes a planet where toll is demanded by the “Mafia Men”. If she refuses to pay, a “Mafia Man” breaks the door of her spaceship with the result that all her magical hourglasses are sucked out and end up on the planet. To get home the girl needs the hourglasses (Timepieces). It is up to you to find the hourglasses so that you can return to your own world.

A Hat in Time is from the Danish studio Gears for Breakfast and is inspired by games from the GameCube era such as Super Mario Sunshine and Psychonauts. The game originated in a Kickstarter Campaign in 2017 and previously appeared on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It was made with the mindset of the nineties and that is what makes it shine during your time playing this game.

There are a total of seven worlds to explore. You start with “Mafia Town”, where you meet the Mafia Men and a girl with a mustache that has the appropriate name Mustache Girl. The girl starts as a girlfriend. But as soon as she finds out that the hourglasses have the power to turn back time, she wants to abuse it to make the life of the Mafia Men miserable. If the girl with the hat doesn’t want to work with her, she will also become your enemy.

All worlds have a different theme. So you not only have Mafia Town, but also a world of movie stars where you have to hide instead of fight or have to get as many fans as possible in another level. They are nice changes that ensure that the game remains fun to play.

In addition to searching for the Hourglasses, you can also collect extensions (Badges). These give you extra powers such as a magnet that attracts diamonds or an umbrella that is opened just before you land on the floor and so you get no pain. You can also find power-ups such as a sprint hat that lets you run fast.

Graphically it looks perfect. The cheerful colors and drawing style are very reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker. The girl in the hat even looks a bit like Link. The music and sound effects are immaculate. This is mainly due to Grant Kirkhope, the composer who also composed Banjo-Kazooie.

The best part is of course sharing the fun. You can play the entire game together. The disadvantage of this mode is that player one controls the camera and player two can therefore do little else than follow player one. It is can be fun yet also be frustrating, but that entrely depends on how you coöperate with each other.

The nice thing about a late release is that often a game is completely bug free and you usually get extras for your hard earned cash. Unfortunately the extra content for A Hat in Time has to be purchased separately, but you don’t have to wait for it. If you can’t get enough after completing all of the worlds, you can expand the game with the DLC Seal the Deal. A whole new chapter where you can take on different challenges on a large cruise ship. You also get a new difficulty level with the game that you can try out and a mountain of new outfits.

A Hat in Time has been put together perfectly. The gameplay is easy, the story interesting and the alternation between assignments are very reminiscent of games such as Super Mario 64 and Banjoo-Kazooie. The levels themselves are also very well put together and the boss battles are not too difficult, but certainly not too easy. We did notice that the Switch occasionally has a difficult time with large levels and occasionally has to load to continue. But we assume that this is a problem that can be easily solved with a few patches in the future.

A Hat in Time is the perfect game for those who miss the platform games of the Gamecube and N64.


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