A glitch lets you jump indefinitely in Breath of The Wild

Over two years after the original release players are still trying to find ways to make life (or the game) easier in Zelda Breath of the Wild. Now a notable new glitch has been discovered in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. After going through a series of steps, players can let Link jump infinitely.

Melissist seems to have discovered the glitch, and a number of users have shared it online including Twitter user HyruleDojo. Kotaku offers up the following explanation as to how it can be executed:

To perform the moonwalk glitch, players must first complete two other glitches. The first is known as “Hold Smuggling,” a trick that allows Link to hold items anywhere in the game world. For instance, it becomes possible to hold items while riding a horse or while in a shop’s menu. This trick involves dropping an item, taking damage from a bomb or jelly, and teleporting at precisely the right time. The process is laid out in this tutorial by Kleric, who discovered the glitch in late 2018. Hold Smuggling is required for another trick called “Walk on Horse,” which itself is needed to trigger the moonwalking glitch. Walk on Horse involves triggering Hold Smuggling, attempting to mount a horse while triggering a text box such as the ones that pop up when finding a new item, and pausing the game to hold an item. This allows Link to mount his horse and stand on it. To trigger moonwalking from this point, you the player needs to either kill the horse or warp off it. If they do the former, they must also pull out Link’s paraglider, and then use a menuing trick that’s typically used to cancel fall damage. This complicated setup process puts Link into a state where he can jump nearly infinitely. This state persists through warps and load screens, making it possible to explore the world or enter shrines while keeping the ability to jump through the air. As of writing, it seems that the only way to cancel this state is to mount a horse.

Speedrunners may find it to be useful. Since the glitch gained traction just recently, we’ll have to wait and see how much it’s used in the future.


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