51 Worldwide Games

2020 is a year that many companies will not soon forget. Next-gen is coming, but at the same time publishers are paying a heavy toll due to the pandemic that is spreading around the world. Nintendo especially seems to have a hard time so far, with few announcements and issues with working from home. Nevertheless, Nintendo slowly brings more news and being a small release it turns out that 51 Worldwide Games is actually a sleeper hit.

If you’ve ever owned a Nintendo DS, you may have heard of the predecessor of 51 Worldwide Games called “42 Game Classics”. The new game therefore offers 9 new games at its disposal, but unlike the previous installment, all the games are now immediately playable the first time you start the game. A guide greets you at the start of the game and you can create a general avatar before ending up on a world map. Here you can talk to different characters who present games based on a theme such as sports games, card games or games that have no opponent. Each guide can also explain each game for you, which is useful if you have never heard of certain classics.

If you prefer not to reach a game via the world map and intros, you can simply view a whole list of what can be played. We found this personally easier and clearer than having to search the world after your favorite games. Every game you start you will receive general guidance of how the game is played through a video and text that you can skip, but for games like chess and shogi that perhaps not everyone has played, there is also a built-in tutorial that guides you game after game to learn everything, which is a very useful tool when you finally want to learn a game like mancala or chess. Personally we did not have much experience with Shogi, for example, but now we know all the rules and we can safely challenge someone from the family or friends to play a game.

Not only are the guide features of the game well and thoughtfully developed, the AI ​​of the game is well put together, almost all games have multiple levels of difficulty that you unlock as you win. And although we manage now and we know the rules for a game like Nine Men’s Morris (a combination of chess and tic tac toe), after beating normal and hard difficulty we still struggled to… well we are still trying to beat insane … Sometimes you also unlock a small extra, such as mario cards for the famous game Nintendo used to make, Hanafuda, or simply for Patience.

Don’t worry that you may not know many games, there are plenty of games such as bowling, darts, billiards, toy football, golf and the popular game Tanks and Team Tanks from Wii Play. Several games also give you the option of how you play it, such as bowling that you can do with movement or buttons or all card and board games that you can also play with touch controls.

Still not found what you were looking for? then there are more than 30 games that we have not yet mentioned, not to mention the many local and online multiplayer options. Let’s start with the online part, we have only been able to test this to a limited extent with the game not yet being officially released. Here you get the option to choose three games that you would like to play online and after that you will be queued up while you can continue playing with your current or new game. You will be notified when the game is ready to join and is ready. After your online match you can also return to your previous game so that you certainly do not lose any time.

But now, the most enjoyable way to play such games is when friends or family can join in, and here Nintendo has thought everything out perfectly. More than 40 games are playable in multiplayer, most of which can be played simply with a joy-con in hand on the TV. However, some games require that each player has its own screen, such as Last Card for example. Not everyone has to own their own game, as with the game ‘A Way Out’ it is possible to download a free version of the game. After which a player who owns the game can locally invite people to play. Think of download play for the DS, but then an evolved version. Finally, the switches can also be linked together for some games such as Team Tanks and Slot Cars to create a large amount of own levels, something that was previously possible at Super Mario Party. You could say that 51 Worldwide Games is the ultimate multiplayer games with all the possibilities that Nintendo offers us.

You would expect that a compilation of 51 games would have a lot of content, but Nintendo has surpassed itself by offering a very accessible and educational gaming experience for all types of gamers. The game may lack some of the charm that many Nintendo games offer, but the total package is an unmissable collection to bring home.

51 Worldwide Games is a true sleeper hit and a must buy if you want to play multiplayer with friends or family.


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